Supervision and Appraisal

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The Role of Supervision and Appraisal in Evaluation
And Development of Teachers by: Loveleih G. Quemado

One of the most significant issues in the field of education is the importance of supervision and appraisal. The high levels of expectation about teachers’ performance and their constant monitoring from administrators have been brought about by rapid changes in educational trends that need assurances about the effectiveness of the educational organisation to deliver services. The controversy about supervision and appraisal has been affected by various issues. Literature reveals that supervision and appraisal have both positive and negative effects on an organisation and that the principles of the leadership affect the
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Importance of supervision and appraisal in teachers’ development
There is a large volume of published studies which describe the importance of supervision and appraisal in organisations. Supervision and appraisal are both important to improve teaching practices and enhance professionalism. Townsend (1998) states “the two main purposes of appraisal are to provide accountability and to direct staff and organisational development”. Stronge (2003) added that the most common objective of personnel evaluation is accountability and professional growth. Their ideas on appraisal reveal the role of appraisal in determining the competence of teachers in terms of classroom performance and capability to contribute to the organisation. Through appraisal the teacher will determine the key areas that need improvement and the organisation will formulate human resource development programs relevant to the needs.

In contrast, Delahaye (2005) considers performance appraisal as administrative and developmental and for him, administrative performance appraisal is concerned with “making decisions for salary, increments, promotions, retrenchments and succession plans while developmental performance appraisal identifies the developmental needs of an individual for present and future performance” (p. 142). These ideas reveal the importance of appraisal in both the economic and career status of employees. Performance appraisal
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