Supervision and Leadership - Semester Research Paper Assignment

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Supervision and Leadership - Semester Research Paper Assignment How to deal with problem employees • INTRO You must introduce and define the topic in relationship to supervision Problem employees inevitably surface in most workplaces and sometimes employers need to counsel their employees and on occasions employers must discipline the employee. In an organization top-management often formulate the standards that supervisors must use when they have to deal with problem employees. A supervisor must have the skills required to organize, staff, lead, and control which includes the ability and talent required to deal with problem employees. Paragraph 1 In the workplace sometimes employee problems are obvious, such as attendance…show more content…
There are an unlimited number of reasons that an employee can provide for his or her absenteeism – some under the employees direct discretion, others such as illness or emergency not under the control of the company or the employee. As companies and managers around the world continue to tackle this ever growing issue many western companies have begun to implement strategies to combat the symptoms of lost productivity caused by absenteeism, however, even within western cultures, these tactics don’t work as planned. Many factors play a role; however, some companies are gaining success from various tactics used to combat absenteeism and tardiness. In a world full of different motivations and cultural differences, it can be difficult for companies to have a full success; however, with careful planning and cultural understanding companies can begin to battle against this costly crisis in the workplace. In many cases an employee not be meeting company expectations because, they are not clear about their job expectations. Make sure the employee is clear about the job expectations, the production expectations and any other details that would enable the person to perform effectively. Job descriptions, posted production standards, and data about performance help the employee understand and perform their role. A Performance Management System ensures the employee’s clarity about the goals.
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