Supervision of Successful Schools Essays

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Supervision for Successful Schools
Jennifer Ponton
Grand Canyon
EDA 551

July 13, 2012

Supervision for Successful Schools
In three more weeks many schools will be opening on again across Louisiana with bright and smiling faces along with new clothes and school supplies. Many of the classrooms will have a fresh new coat of paint with clean, sparkling, desks and decorated classrooms. This is the expectations of anyone who has been in the education field for some time. Many of these schools will also have different leaders who promote different types of school cultures. Even with all of the new clothes along with new school supplies and freshly painted classroom, a student will
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Most often it’s not student centered and most of the failure of the school is placed on the student. Rules and routines are strictly enforced in this type of school environment and not much teamwork is encouraged.
A second category of most school in America is congenial which is very similar to conventional with the exception that stakeholders in a congenial school actually communicate with each other. The teachers enjoy working with each other and like conventional schools not much emphasis is placed on the students and their success. Instead of the teachers discussing progress monitoring or suggesting new teaching strategies the teachers spend most of their time gossiping on other teachers and administrators. This environment is more staff centered and making the school pleasing to the staff.
A final category is collegial which should be the ideal type of school for the success of all the stakeholders at the school. This type of school climate is more student focus and promotes the professional developments for all of the stakeholders at the school. This type of school encourages all stakeholders to participate and work as a team to accomplish a goal. This type of school promotes student success because it provides the students’ school culture in which they are encouraged to take risk without the fear of failure. The leader works as a team with her staff to inspire both them and the students to do their best. The leader
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