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This third party implementation started December 7th with the anticipation to go life within the same month based on the External Communication Plan (Appendix A) with Viewpost facilitator Kristin Flentke, Information Technology Representative, James Collins, and Director Net Revenue & Analyst, Andrew Whitlock. Accounts Payable team joined soon after, starting with Manager of Accounts Payable, Kay Hamilton, Supervisor of Accounts Payable, Gregory Bush, follow by Supervisor Business System Analyst, Allison Baschnagel and her team, Karla Smith, and Megan Wilson, who are both Business System Analyst. Vendors Services Team was the last to join that included Eiden Hughes and I, to contribute with onboarding vendors. In order to communicate effectively…show more content…
The exchange of the vendor files between Centura and Viewpost were being sent daily in the afternoon. Throughout the day both Viewpost and Centura made changes depending on the Vendor. For example, I updated any change in address and submitted request forms dealing with merges and acquisitions to be approved and changed in a timely manner. I also updated any changes coming from Viewpost. Since Viewpost is a one stop for all Vendors, they can change anything in their account. Those changes get reported back to Vendor Services to update. I took care of surface level changes, such as changing address, but not changing bank account information or product conversions due to merges. There was constant change in vendor’s files between both organizations and I handled some of…show more content…
A challenge accorded during one of our weekly meetings. James, our IT representative brought up a major concern. There was a system error that needed to be fixed before Go Live date. The file exchange from Century to ViewPost, and ViewPost to Centura was pulling incorrectly, more specifically on our end. The issue began when the file was extracted from our database and ready to be sent out as a CVS file to Viewpost. The different fields within a vendor’s file were being pulling incorrectly. For example, think about it as a gallon of milk in a refrigerator. Before you gab the gallon of milk it was in the second compartment from the top, of the right door of the refrigerator. You take it out and when some else puts back in, it has the option to go anywhere in the refrigerator. The likelihood of retuning to it’s original spot is unlikely and if I am in a hurry and need to serve myself a glass of milk before missing the bus it would be ideal to have it where I last pulled it from. Similarly, when the data, it is ideal to keep the information in their rightful category, but the way it was being placed after was not consistent. James didn’t have an anticipated data on how or when the issue was going tp get resolve so we were left with a new Go Life date to be announce. This issue did get resolve before the end of the week so our Go
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