Supervisor Development By Craig Paul

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Supervisor Development
By Craig Paul

Many companies have philosophies on how an organization is to be functioning and which positions are indispensable to execute the plan. A fundamental position that makes the business function is that of a Supervisor. The word supervisor is Latin which means “to look over,” however, a supervisor is viewed as a person who is a direct overseer to an employee at a workplace. The supervisor is the person an employee would directly report to for any work related circumstances and plays a vital part of the management team that gives an organization purpose and leadership by being responsible for employees’ progress and productivity.
Supervisors and Managers share some similarities in that they keep an eye on
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Supervision often includes conducting basic management skills such as problem solving, interpersonal conflicts and scheduling. Other activities include organizing teams, noticing the need for and designing new job roles in the group, hiring and training new employees.
First time supervisors will experience great eagerness when learning of their promotion and will become nervous to begin in their new position. One essential area where a supervisor may overlook is the stress and struggle they will experience when it comes to finding answers to problems that arise on a regular basis. Supervisors may react stressed and feel as though they are very short on time when it comes to finding answers. Usually they lack the required training because their technical experience may not be equal to that of an employee who has been there for a long time. Many supervisors feel weighed down as well, because they will be addressing questions and circumstances that are new to them and have little experience figuring things out and how delegate work to senior members of the team.
Supervisors understand the changing forms of technology and need to have the understanding of the process and the way things are done at their company. A crucial area that all supervisors need training in; is that of legal requirements and how they affect the employees and company. To develop a culture that values and enhances diversity, organizations need training programs that give managers
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