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I have been newly assigned by the Wing Commander to be the supervisor of XYZ Air Base Wing Safety Office. The base has recently suffered from a series of off-base traffic accidents involving service members and their dependents, and there was evidence that the Wing Safety Office was not functioning as a team. The Wing Commander has tasked me with rebuilding the Wing Safety Office as a functioning team and enhance their ability to perform and succeed. The members of my safety team are First Lieutenant (1st Lt) Kirk Johnson, Master Sergeant (MSgt) John Jones, Staff Sergeant (SSgt) Yolanda Williamson, and Mr. Clark DeBurgh. I will discuss the application of three of the eight Full Range Leadership Model (FRLM) behaviors by Arenas,…show more content…
Additionally, the previous supervisor appeared to lack the appropriate application of Individual Consideration (IC). IC, also a transformational leadership behavior, is taking the time to truly get to know your people, show genuine interest in their lives, understand their goals and aspirations, and develop their strengths (Arenas, Connelly, and Williams 27). The previous supervisor loosely knew about his subordinates and his relationships with them varied from person to person. As supervisor, I will ensure my team knows I care about each of them equally with no favoritism. I will show interest in their lives and personal goals, seeking to propel them into who they wish to become professionally and personally. For example, 1st Lt Jones may want to get back in the cockpit, but he also has shown the desire to be challenged. He has a degree in management and marketing, making him ideally suited to help lead this team toward success and fulfilling our common vision. I would take the time to mentor him into a future leader and give him several tools to be successful in this shop and as he returns to his flying squadron. Also, for each member of the safety team, when they come to me about anything they wish to discuss, I will ensure they have 100% of my attention and know I will to listen to what they have to say. IC is critical

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