Supervisory Experience Paper

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Yes, this happens in many organizations, and I have personally seen this type of problem occur. Organizations may use an individual’s past or current performance in one job as a predictor for future performance in another different job (Scott & Reynolds, 2010). This would likely not be an issue if the two jobs were very similar or used nearly identical KSAOs and competencies. However, it can be very detrimental to a new supervisor who is coming from an individual contributor position. For instance, at a previous place of employment there was a woman who worked with other hourly employees in a very physical position. When a supervisor positon became available for the same area where she worked, she applied, even though she had no prior supervisory experience.…show more content…
Although she had been a good employee and knew what was required to perform the job of the people she was now supervising, she had very few of the skills necessary to properly lead and manage employees. The only training the organization gave her was one week working with the previous supervisor. She struggled with the new responsibilities of being a supervisor and eventually ended up leaving the organization. It is possible that with the right training and development she may have been an asset to the organization, or maybe she just did not possess the right competencies to be a successful supervisor. The point is that the organization never made an attempt either way, neither giving adequate training or assessing her for future
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