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Supplement documentation for Online Resume/ Executive Core Qualifications As lead I-751 officer, deal with joint and waiver petitions for removal of conditions and adjustment of status cases that require making independent determinations under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Within 9th Circuit court jurisdiction provides additional guidelines for immigration matters depending upon current court rulings. New polices from headquarters about current political trends and priorities all provide directions for making decisions with all adjudications of adjustment of status and naturalization applications. With my work, I am required to justify my conclusions in administration and criminal proceedings. I have been called to testify as…show more content…
Provide all going on mentoring for new officers and provided interviewing techniques and marriage fraud classes for the entire adjustment section. With data mining and research, provide trends in fraud detection for office and FDNS referrals update for cases that tend to use the same motions. Recently revealed fake travel letters for an attorney that constantly request reschedules for his clients. Previously single handily managed I-751 cases for eighteen months since other priority made workforce unavailable. I have encouraged management to increase officers to the I-751 program. Provide mentoring and training to a new five-man team. Provide on the job training and evaluation of performance in different types of feedback. Make on the spot corrections for serious or immediate needs. Sit and evaluate interviews to give feedback and points of obtaining better information. Provide behavior assessment and information elicitation of all types of cases during interviews. Has cooperation from management to provide expert assistance and lead my new team in though I am not currently in a supervisory position. Provide customer service contact for all I-751 cases to attorney and applicants. Respond to Congressional cases and provide immediate decisions of cases. Provide Customer service request assistance for aging and InfoPass appointments for attorney and applicants. If possible, meet and greet the public directly for answers and procedures.
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