Supplements : Helpful Or Harmful?

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Supplements: Helpful or Harmful? Introduction Something that everyone in life strives to do is life a healthy lifestyle. By doing this, they take proteins, vitamins, BCAA’s, and numerous other supplements. Something that never crosses their mind while taking the product is that there could actually be something that could potentially harm their body. Often times, vitamins include some form of additive to enhance the pill, whether it be for the taste, or form (LiveStrong Foundation). Three additives that I found to be included in supplements are carrageenan, titanium oxide, and heavy metals such as lead or fluoride. These are all harmful toxins that can cause potential long-term health issues. Ingredient Analysis Carrageenan Carrageenan is a chemical that is made up from various algae and seaweed that is used for the enhancement of medicine. It helps treat coughs, bronchitis, tuberculous, and even intestinal problems. In extreme forms, it is used to treat ulcers, and even has the potential to serve as a laxative (WebMD). This chemical is extremely interesting, because there are multiple forms of it, and each form serves a different purpose. In certain cases, carrageenan is actually not harmful at all, but in most, it has been chemically altered, which increases a cause for concern. In France, they have chemically altered the chemical to treat ulcers. Something that scientists did not know prior to chemically altering this was the long-term effects it could
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