Supplier Of Clean Bottled Water Company

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Voss Water
Voss Water is based in Norway and it is a supplier of clean bottled water company that operates in more than fifty countries all around the world (Anon., 2014). The brand is identified as one of the pure tasting drinking water because of the known environment of Norway for its refined and pure environment procedures, spring and artesian water sources. The company is headquartered in Oslo and New York and the water is mainly bottled by the Voss of Norway
(Anon., 2014). In 2007, Voss Water was ranked as the top ranked bottled water, whereas in
Finland the wine experts rank it the lowest water. However, the company particular focuses to target United States and sustain it edge in the industry. The company is currently facing criticism that Voss contains similar sources as the tap water due to which the company is currently struggling to sustain its positioning in the industry. However, the competition in the bottled water industry is becoming intense with the passage of time. The present document strategically analyzes Voss Water and its positioning in the industry. In order to determine the positioning of the company, industrial analysis, PESTLE analysis and PORTER five forces analysis have been conducted to determine strategic positioning of Voss Water in the Bottled Water industry
(Anon., 2014).
Industry Analysis: Bottled Water Industry
The overall trend in Bottle Industry has significantly improved that has significantly affected the sales of the…

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