Suppliers And Supply Chain Management

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ASSIGNMENT #1:Suppliers and Supply chain management

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Vishnu Gandhamaneni
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LECTURER & TUTOR: Mr. Gopi Krishna Akella Table of content
1.Abstract 3
2.Introduction 3
3.Basic principles of SCM 4
4.Advantages of SCM 4
5.Problems on SCM 5
6.Solutions of SCM 5
7.Case study description 6
8.Conclusion 8
9.References 9

A Complete Study of Suppliers and Supply Chain Management in E-Commerce
Vishnu Gandhamaneni, ID: 30129773

As per study the basic standards, structure model and its benefits of supply chain management in e-commerce environment, gathers and discusses
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It turns into principle of enterprise SCM and makes it to attract more and more enterprises.SCM increases adaptability and effectiveness by changing critical path for enterprises. Furthermore SCM became essential in worldwide business management.
2. Basic Principles of Supply Chain Management Under E-commerce Environment

From origin of source to origin of utilization SCM compasses all raw materials , work in process stock and finished goods. SCM combines with independent enterprises to achieve good combination and it performs to achieve some basic characteristics, win-win approach, difficulties and dynamic. SCM manages some contents with loads that contains design, control, stock ,sales ,deals, logistics, customer services, valuation, partners etc..It mainly manages the information, material and fund flows. These three flows are the basic principles of SCM.

3.The Advantages of Supply Chain Management Under E-commerce Environment 3.1 Be Good for Enterprise to achieve the Customer Relationship E-commerce changes the competition of enterprises into competition of supply chains and makes the relationship of enterprise and customer to open talk in a open network to satisfy the all needs of customers. These made longer relationship between customers. The enterprise should maintains short cut and less cost operations to develop a
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