Suppliers And Supply Chain Management

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ASSIGNMENT #1:Suppliers and Supply chain management

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Vishnu Gandhamaneni
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LECTURER & TUTOR: Mr. Gopi Krishna Akella Table of content
1.Abstract 3
2.Introduction 3
3.Basic principles of SCM 4
4.Advantages of SCM 4
5.Problems on SCM 5
6.Solutions of SCM 5
7.Case study description 6
8.Conclusion 8
9.References 9

A Complete Study of Suppliers and Supply Chain Management in E-Commerce
Vishnu Gandhamaneni, ID: 30129773

As per study the basic standards, structure model and its benefits of supply chain management in e-commerce environment, gathers and discusses a few issues in present environment, With low sense, weak core competitive force, and lack of cooperation and light level of information in the supply chain management under e-commerce environment. Furthermore, in the meantime, set forward comparing terms of settlement. A contextual analysis on Dell Inc. was picked in light of the fact that Dell has survived the late economic slowdown since March 2000. This wonder was the consequence of Dell 's example of overcoming a real case of effective integration and usage of SCM and e-commerce. This paper initially stated about different activities that included in supply chain management process. Then Discoveries demonstrated the ways of ecommerce to be related into supply chain management to…
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