Supply And Demand Of Gasoline

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Supply and demand is best describes as the varying of prices of a specific service, product or commodity and the desirability for consumers. In theory, the supply and demand model works best for markets that are normally in perfect competition. Now in order for this desired market to work, there has to be a numerous amount of sellers and a numerous amount of buyers that have no real or major impact on the pricing of goods and services. In the follow essay, we will receive a better understand on what the supply and demand really is, further discuss a brief historical perspective on the supply and demand in comparison to the fickle prices of gasoline, go into detail about government involvement in gasoline prices, and finally examine how the supply and demand of gasoline is applicable in our everyday lives. Supply and demand is a fundamental element of economics; it is the main support system of a market economy. Demand can be interpreted by the quantity of a product or service a consumer is desired to acquire at a given time period. Quantity demanded is the amount of product consumers are willing to purchase at a given price; the relationship between price and quantity demanded is commonly known as the demand relationship. Supply however, accounts for how much a market produces for consumers. The quantity supplied refers to the actual amount of a certain good firms are willing to supply to consumers when receiving a certain price. Having limited resources we all have to

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