Supply Chain : A Source Of Competitive Advantage

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Supply chain has gained importance in the current world of business. With the advent of globalization and competitive advantage being key aspects of organizational existence, it is essential to look into sustainability of the same. This research paper focuses on the need for this sustainability and how supply chains can make a difference to the sustainability of the planet. It will also explore supply chain practices that could be a source of competitive advantage. Introduction In the world of business there are two inevitable factors - globalization and outsourcing of products and services. These factors have increased the complexities of a supply chain. It is a fact that most business organizations operations are for profit or looking to have a competitive advantage over other competitors. This has increased the need to look at the bigger picture over the past few decades. The need to undertake sustainable development (SD) in its working and not only the financial aspect is of utmost importance. Sustainable Development, as suggested by many experts is the process of sustaining and preserving resources for future generations to utilize while keeping in mind human development. As stated by Norman and Macdonald (2004) in Markley and Davis (2007), sustainability in supply chains can be achieved by delivering sustainable development and fulfilling economic, environmental and social benefits. This has been profoundly used and termed as 'the triple bottom line ' or 3BL.
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