Supply Chain & Ethical Issue: Heineken

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Supply Chain & Ethical Issue: Findings and Recommendations Heineken Company A. Introduction Ethics is one of the most important factors to build reputation and trust of a business among suppliers and consumers. Heineken, a Dutch brewing company, is one of the world’s international most brewers. The company was founded by Gerard Andriaan Heineken in 1864 in Amsterdam (Heineken UK 2012). With operations in 71 countries, the Heineken family owns 125 breweries, employs around 70,000 people, brews and sells more than 250 brands in 178 countries around the world. Four generations of the Heineken family have been energetically contributed to the success and expansion of the Heineken brand throughout the world. During the…show more content…
In brief, this factory is an unsafe environment for workers and the facilities is unqualified. This might lead to serious consequences to worker’s health and the local eco-systems as well. It is also reported that many exclusive Heineken sellers, especially female had to suffer many bad effects from the working environment in some bar, restaurant, party and other events sponsored by Heineken. These salaried women who wear classifiable uniforms have to work for a long time, almost until midnight, communicate with many types of people. They can easily face many problems such as alcohol- related health problems, sexual harassment and violence at workplaces. According to Sanne van der Wal & Rob Bleijerveld (2008), in Cambodia, Heineken has been criticized for many year by the Cambodian NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) Siem Reap Citizens for Health, Educational and Social Issues (SiRCHESI) because of Heineken’s ignorance to their workers, mostly beer sellers. Beer sellers receive low salaries and they do not have any protection and insurance for their company. In Asia, some restaurants illegally use their beer sellers such as prostitution and using sweatshop labor to make money. Therefore, they are at high risk from HIV/AIDS and others social diseases. It can be seen that Heineken does not concern and protect their exclusive sellers as much as they can. Recently,

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