Supply Chain Flows of Mcdonald's

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This report will touch more on the supply chain management of McDonald’s, specifically in India. |

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1. Executive Summary 2
2. Company’s Description 3
3. Elaboration on Flow Chart 3 3.1. Stages of Supply Chain Process 3 Cycle View 3 Push/Pull View 4 3.1.1. Suppliers 5 New Zealand –AngusPure 5 United States of America – Gaviña 5 Brazil – Marfrig 5 3.1.2. Distributors 5 Golden State Foods Corp. 5 Martin-Brower 6 3.1.3. Restaurant Outlets 6 3.2. Sequence & Dependency Links 6 3.3. Flow of Information, Product & Funds 7
4. Recommendations 8 Better Marketing Promotions and Demand Forecast 8 Incorporate a Higher Quality System 8
5. Conclusion 8
6. Flow Chart 9
Appendix 10
References 14

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To conclude, managing the supply chain of every company is essential and this is particularly so, for a global corporation like McDonald’s. McDonald’s has many opportunities for growth and rooms for improvement in their supply chain in order for business to prosper even further.

2. Company’s Description
McDonald’s Corporation, founded by Ray Kroc in 1955, is the world’s largest foodservice company and has served approximately 68 million customers daily in a span of 119 different countries. It sells mainly hamburgers and fries, chicken, breakfast items, soft drinks and desserts. The company has also expanded its menu, in response to the change in consumers’ tastes and preferences, to add items like fruits, salads, wraps and smoothies. The first ever McDonald’s by Kroc was opened in Des Plaines, Illinois on the 15th of April 1955. By 1965, there were over 700 McDonald’s restaurants in the United States. In the year 1967 was when McDonald’s went international, with restaurants opening in Canada and Puerto Rico. By 1981, more international growth was experienced with first McDonald’s outlets constructed in Spain, Denmark and the Philippines.
There are certain requirements that both McDonald’s and its suppliers will have to adhere to, in order to work with one another. McDonald’s came up with a list of Code of Conduct (Refer to Appendix A) for the suppliers to agree on. In the code of conduct include
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