Supply Chain For Manufacturing Facilities Essay

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Supply chain for manufacturing facilities includes everyone remotely linked with the product,

including distributors and suppliers. From the person who gets original wood from a tree to the

company that delivers the finished desk to the store: they all need to effectively fit under the

supply chain management umbrella.

Strong supply chain management can improve a brand's reputation both with consumers and

business partners, including financial backers.

World renowned Nike company does not own all the products manufactured, but all outsourced

to other manufacturers out of manufacturing, Nike has taken in the production of a virtual

strategy, they are only responsible for the design and marketing, by means of a good inventory

control system and system of overseas sales, Nike worldwide has made remarkable


Enterprise supply chain management and control refers to the entire supply chain system for

planning, coordination, operation, control and optimization of the various activities and

processes, and its goal is to correct products required by customers (Right Product) at the right

time (Right Time), in the right quantity (Right Quantity), right quality (Right Quality) and the

correct state (Right Status) to the correct location (Right Place) - "6R", and to minimize the total

cost. In the management process, focusing on the core business, requires good control two

aspects: (1) to achieve the company's information flow, logistics,
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