Supply Chain Integration And Management Strategy Of APGL

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1. Introduction The introduction of supply chain management is increasingly seen as a very important factor in improving companies’ bottom–line performances (Agus, A. 2011). Auric Pacific Group Limited (APGL) manufactures brands such as Buttercup, Top One, Sunshine and exclusive Gourmet meats. In this paper I will be focusing on Buttercup butter. Buttercup butter is manufactured by Auric Pacific Food Processing Sdn Bhd, which is a Malaysian subsidiary of APGL. APGL has used various strategies and integrated supply chain to maintain its competitive edge in the market. APGL does not just deal with manufacturing but has kept a competitive edge in the market by being involved in a wide range of businesses which includes the distribution of fast…show more content…
The paper will then be concluded with recommendations for the company to maintain its competitive edge in the market with the right supply chain integration. 2. Supply Chain Integration Management APGL has integrated supply chain activities as it aims to effectively integrate its own company’s internal functions and link them with the external operation of suppliers, other supply chain members and the consumers. APGL has prioritised on time delivery and maintained high standards of front line services to its customers. The company is always reviewing ways to better enhance its relationship with partners while still achieving profitable margins (Auric 2014). It is known to the company that to remain competitive, the process of making and distributing products and services to customers and maintaining positive relations is the main key. In the SCOR analysis we will see how integration, collaboration and coordination across organisations will help in both cost and…show more content…
Research and liaising are done with other appointed distributors so that accurate market demand is captured before manufacturing. The raw materials for the Buttercup butter are sourced for in Malaysia to help them manufacture their product as compared to Singapore which the raw materials are definitely cheaper in Malaysia (Source). Asia Pacific Food Processing Sdn Bhd makes the effort to source for different suppliers in Malaysia who are willing to supply their raw materials to their manufacturing plant. These raw materials are used based on the urgency of production (Make). The production team then looks at the demand of the goods from both Singapore and Malaysia market to decide what the right amount that needs to be produced is (Plan). They will undergo planning and reviewing to ensure least amounts of wastage occur. Once the good are ready for distribution, then the transportation company (Gerimis Baiduri) which is the 3rd party organisation, pick up the goods and ensure they are transported to the APGL warehouse in Singapore in the right temperature and time

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