Supply Chain Management And Customer Relationship Management

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This paper will look at the impact supply chain management and customer relationship management is having on industries across the markets. The focus will be on the history of each value chain management technique, how they have evolved into the services they provide today, and what companies are successfully implementing these types of management services. The companies that are discussed in SCM include Cisco and Proctor & Gamble. This paper will show that Cisco has invested heavily into their supply chain management as they see it as a primary area of concentration for continued success. P&G has been the world leader in SCM but continues to find new ways to improve their use of SCM. The companies discussed in CRM include Activision and the airline industry with specific mentions of American Airlines and Delta Airlines. Activision has implemented CRM to provide better interaction with their customers. The Airline industry is using CRM for everything from account management, to collaboration with partner carriers. Impact of Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management A significant portion of a company’s time and resources are spent on its supply chain and their customers. As technology has advanced over the last 20 years, so has the way in which organizations manage their supply chains and their customers. These primary areas of value chain management include supply chain management (SCM) and customer relationship management (CRM). These forms
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