Supply Chain Management And Distribution

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Supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the functions of procurement of materials, transformation of these materials in to intermediate and finished products and distribution of these products to the customers. Supply chain Management (SCM) is the management of flow of information, products and services across a network of customers, organization and supply chain enterprises. It incorporates the development and capacity of raw materials, work-in-progress of stock, and finished products from purpose of origin to purpose of utilization. Interconnected or interlinked systems, channels and hub organizations are included in the vision of items and services required by end users in a supply chain. Supply…show more content…
Logistics. Managing nonstop supply of right items, at perfect time from various elements is the test of overseeing supply chain. Information innovation apparatuses has helped retailers in enormously lessening process durations and achieving effectiveness.
Operational and quality administration and control activities like JIT, TQM, ZI (0-inventory)ECR (effective customer response) and VMR (vendor managed inventory) all these divided methodologies have now been coordinated inside the space of SCM procedure. Target of SCM is to guarantee achieving right item at perfect spot at ideal time and at the right cost and benefit for the retailers. Information and Product flow from phase of Procurement till completed item reaches to store & customer feedback of information from store to sellers. →→→→→→→→Information→→→→→→ ↓
↑ Procurement ∞Production∞ Distribution ↓
↑ Source Make Deliver ↓ ←←←←←←←Information←←←←←←←←

The motivation behind supply chain management is to enhance trust and joint effort among supply chain partners, in this manner enhancing stock visibility and the speed of stock movement. Nature of supply chain and logistics e.g. grocery has 1-short life cycle,- seasonal,perishable,2-high
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