Supply Chain Management And Logistics

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Supply Chain management and logistics are an extremely important functions of an organization. In this research paper, we will be discussing an aspect of supply chain and logistics that I am interested in, how both are related and different, key activities in supply chain and logistics, and the ethics and social responsibility in both supply chain and logistics management.
Logistics is a vital component of supply chain management. Both involve the planning, carrying out and management of goods, services and information from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Logistics aligns the multifaceted pattern of traffic and transportation, shipping and receiving, import and export operations, warehousing, inventory management, purchasing, production planning and customer service. Organizations, like the one I work for, see logistics as a critical design of the supply chain. When organizations incorporate logistics as a key component of the business plan, they can use it to manage, coordinate and monitor resources needed to move products in a smooth, timely, cost effective and reliable manner.
Like Logistics, Supply Chain Management is an essential element of operational efficiency. The impact that supply chain has on our organization is substantial and exponential. Two of the main ways SCM affects business include: boosts customer service and our overall bottom line. Supply chain impacts our customer service by making sure the right product assortment and quantity are…
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