Supply Chain Management And Operations Management

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Part I, Objective 1: Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Operations Management (OM)
Supply chain management is the business of overseeing the flow of materials to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. It is an external process that involves supply chain managers communicating with other vendors to ensure a product flows through the supply chain smoothly. Once a product reaches the consumer, it has already flowed through multiple organizations – these organizations collectively are referred to as the supply chain. Effective supply chain management should result in a relatively seamless production process while also minimizing costs on a continuing basis. Operations management, by definition, is the development, execution and
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I also learned about three types of forecasting: short-term (daily operations, work schedules, production schedules), intermediate (product launches, employee hiring) and long-term (building/selling of a plant, opening/closing of facilities) which can all help in forecasting, or predicting, what demand will be and how many supplies will be needed to satisfy demand. Activity diagrams can also be used in project management (activity on arrow or activity on node) to determine the critical path and the shortest amount of time required to complete the critical path activities.
Part I, Objective 4: Develop and Manage Efficient Global Supply Chains
On a global level, I’ve learned that without the proper planning and forecasting, any disruptions will affect your supply chain drastically. In order to combat this, supply chain managers must take into consideration weather patterns in other locations, language barriers, government regulations and cultural differences and how to project demand in these unique scenarios. It’s also very costly to operate at a global level; calculating center-of-gravity seeks to calculate geographic conditions for a single facility that will minimize costs. Overall, I’ve learned it’s possible to minimize such risks by creating a plan, measuring performance frequently and
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