Supply Chain Management (Case Study : Sainsbury's Supply Chain Strategies )

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Supply Chain Management (ENGM078) Sainsbury’s Supply Chain Strategies Arghavan Keivani 6150405 March 2011 A brief introduction to Sainsbury’s and its background J Sainsbury plc (Sainsbury’s) was founded in 1869 and is considered as a top UK-based food retailer having around 150,000 employees. It drives a chain consist of 500 supermarkets and 290 smaller format stores through the country which offer groceries, electricals, clothing, homewares, DVD rentals and financial services. There is an Online-channel making customers able to shop online, which is nearly 3% of the grocer's sales. [1] By having almost 150,000 employees in the United Kingdom, Sainsbury’s is providing customer-facing team, having members in 785 stores backed…show more content…
Sainsbury’s once had six channels from supplier to Regional Distribution Centre. Now there are more than thirty including the Primary Consolidation Centres, and cross docking. As time goes by, managing the information flow through the Supply Chain was the responsibility of the Logistics teams. And, the physical storage and delivery of products was Distribution’s responsibility. But, nowadays, these two parts are working as a one-part in order to attain shared objectives and make the Supply Chain a truly flawless flow of information and products. In order to make a balance between efficiency as the low cost product, and responsiveness as the availability of the product over all year long, company is required some specific strategies. For example, by having the same suppliers and not to change them, company would make sure that some specific products are always available to the customer. By this way, customer is sure that he can always find his specific product and would be stay loyal to the company. It means that company is keeping its customer and it is different from making new customers, for example by providing a good quality product and making the customer to advice other people (making new customers). Another strategy which Sainsbury’s is using is providing its own product by the name of the
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