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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the integration of information, technologies and management of key business functions which is linked directly or indirectly and provides services to the same customer. It promotes the flow of products downstream from raw materials to the end consumer and the flow of information upstream from consumer to supplier [1].

In above figure it explains that raw materials is procured and then it goes to the supplier for processing of raw material, suppliers supplies the processed raw materials to the manufactures, producers transform these raw material into finished goods, distributors delivers finished goods, packed materials to customers or retailers and retailers sell that product to consumers.

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Its mission today is to perpetuate the uses of the SCOR model through technical development, research, education and conference events [3].
2.2. SCOR
SCOR is a management tool, spanning from the supplier's supplier to the customer's customer [2]. The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) is a business process reference model which was developed by the supply chain council (SCC).
“The SCOR model is the only supply chain framework that we found that links performance measures, best practices, and software requirements to a detailed business process model”
—Logistics Management Institute June 1999

The SCOR-model captures the council’s general view of supply chain management. While much of the underlying content of the model has been used by practitioners for many years, the SCOR-model provides a unique framework that links business process, metrics, best practices and technology features into a unified structure to support communication among supply chain partners and to improve the effectiveness of supply chain management and related supply chain improvement activities [4]. The SCOR model was designed to provide companies to communicate, compare and learn from competitors and companies both within and outside of their industry. It not only measures supply chain performance but also effectiveness
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