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Supply Chain Management Supply chain management lets an organization get their products of raw goods to the place they are needed at the right time, the right place, and what exactly they have ordered, and at a reasonable cost. It moves from parts supplier to manufacturers to wholesale to retailer then consumer. Supply chain management plays an important role supplying the manufacturers all the way down to the consumer, so they can satisfy their customers, and to have good benefits for their company, if the supply chain management is managed good, they will have a good outcome for their company. Supply chain management does involve some factors; location of facilities of where the goods will be flowing from, production is another…show more content…
The procedures of this chain that takes place in a good way or efficient way they will make their organization have a good outcome, and they will produce more customers. Many or most of the companies that produce raw materials, products, are affected by the supply chain management, once they have their supply chain going and the links of the chain are linked to one another, they have a good outcome for their organization or company it does take planning and implementing the applications to have a good flow going for your raw goods too, and materials to get where they need to be. It is affected anytime during their producing of the materials or products. There are mistakes in the supply chain management that can effect your supply chain management. From one source they do have top ten mistakes running your supply chain management, listing. Always viewing the supply chain as a "chain" believing that supply chain management is about managing a chain, but its planning the whole chain, not just linking, trying to achieve your business when your always doing business as usual when companies are to comfortable at where they are knowing there are going to be changes or they have to do some rearranging for their market, and being in their comfort zone, they have to face that their will be challenges among

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