Supply Chain Management For Fast Fashion Industry

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A study in sustainable collection in the supply chain process in the fast fashion segment of fashion industry; a case study based approach focusing on H&M and its main competitors. Abstract In recent years, the rapid changes in the fast fashion industry, a highly concerned about environmental issues as well as the sustainability for the company. Thus, it is a big challenge for the company 's global operations to think about how to use the market intelligence, sensitive response and do more eco-friendly produce to stand out in a competitive market. In contradiction of fast fashion strategy, their supply chain must have the capabilities of fashionable design, quick response, and affordable costs. Therefore the operation decisions of supply…show more content…
In addition, H & M is the world 's first fashion garment company to implementation of the global recovery action, which offers its customers an opportunity to recycle old clothes or unnecessary apparels. On the other hand, H & M try to save displacement, in order to achieve this ambition; they discover a way to change in denim martial and some production methods, which requires large amounts of water for other products. Also, they educate workers who work in their garment factories about their own rights and provide relevant class of fire safety training to their suppliers and managers. Because of environmental consciousness, H&M launched the conscious collection and the supply chain is different compare with the traditional one. To investigate the differentiation in sustainable collection and what its supply chain need to change in different aspect and how the fashion industry can address sustainability. Market characteristics of fast fashion in the fashion industry A lot of fashion garment companies have realized that affordable, high turnover rate and fast fashion sensitivity is important, however, the typical high-margin business model also attracted ethical issue. (Aspers and Skov 2006) In recent years, the international famous garment retailer include H&M, Top Shop, Zara used the fast fashion model innovate the fashion industry. Fast fashion retailers have replaced traditional push model, use pull model can able to respond to

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