Supply Chain Management Logistics Insights: A Reflection

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Supply Chain Management Logistics Logistics and supply chain management are some of the most critical factors for helping any organization to be successful. This is because these elements are necessary for ensuring that everyone can receive the products, materials or personnel when they need it the most. As someone who has experience in working with these areas I am seeking a Master's of Science in Supply Chain Management (i.e. Logistics). This is based upon my ability to concentrate on a number of subjects and understand critical tasks. These variables have enabled me to succeed at any field of endeavor I choose. My journey started in 2005. This is when I received a degree from Temasek Polytechnic in Information Technology. I used the knowledge I obtained in IT, to study in the field of Chemistry. This resulted in me receiving my BSC with Honors in 2011 from the Australian National University (ANU). During this time, I was awarded with the Singapore Armed Forces Scholarship. This helped me to pursue my higher education goals and it allowed me to understand how I can apply different skills to my personal, professional and academic life. These factors enabled me to excel at ANU, as I was accepted into the Golden Key International Honors Society in my first year. During my honors year, I was awarded with the Research School of Chemistry Scholarship. These achievements are a part of my continuing focus on learning new ideas and applying them to my long term career
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