Supply Chain Management Of Dell

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Introduction Supply chain management is essential process for every business organization to make a good relationship among suppliers who provide resources to business organizations according to their requirements. Here in this report we will discuss about production strategy and contracts for supply chain for Dell. Dell is a well-known company and serving its customers with its services and products worldwide. It will be better to discuss about supply chain management of this company. Besides this, we will also discuss about seasonal and generic sale of products of supply chain. By interviewing Retail Company it will become easy to know about inventory policies that are adopted by store for order quantity, safety stock and reorder level. Discussion If we talk about production strategy of DELL, then this company has devoted its big time in developing a business strategy and supply chain strategy. These both strategies are worked in this company together. Dell focuses on its supply chain strategy and according to this strategy, it emphasizes on driving costs out of the supply chain. Being a low cost provider, Dell also emphasize on business strategy, for which customer satisfaction is very much necessary. The supply chain of Dell consists of some essential features such as manufacturer, transport, supplier retailers and wholesalers. Dell realizes this thing that today to get success in business supply chain implementation is necessary. The production strategy for supply
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