Supply Chain Management Of United Parcel Services

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Title Page: Supply Chain Management of United Parcel Services (UPS) Individual Research Paper Written in Fulfillment of Activity 8.5 Course Requirements for LGMT 683 October 2014 Term Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide December 12, 2014 By Minina Johnson Abstract This research paper is written to explain the importance of globalization and supply chain management of the United Parcel Service (UPS). In this document, the reader will obtain the history and development of UPS as well as the supply chain strategy and strategic network optimization developed for their business. In addition, this report will also discuss the distribution network of UPS and how it operates to deliver packages to their destinations around the…show more content…
Soon afterwards, UPS disbursed packages nationwide and began to increase their international services (Rodrigue, n.d.). Today, the world headquarters for UPS is currently located in Atlanta, Ga. UPS transport for and delivers to more than 9.4 million customers in 220 countries daily (UPS, 2014). In 2013, the company delivered over 4.3 billion packages and documents around the world (UPS, 2014). As the package distribution industry become more competitive, UPS uses cutting-edge technology, access to global resources, and an integrated network of physical, technological, and human assets to maintain their competitive advantage over other delivery companies (Company History). This competitive advantage helps UPS continue to receive new and repeat customers and help grow their business. Globalization of UPS UPS did not venture their business outside the United States until the mid-1970s. Canada and Germany were two of first locations UPS decided to expand their business (Rodrigue, n.d.). There were several cultural and logistical challenges that UPS faced when embarking on the expansion of their company into Germany. However, they maintained their core values and operating principles of UPS. Globalization wasn’t very profitable in the beginning of this expansion but UPS stay the course with their strategy and looked at

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