Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management (SCM

The average company spends nearly half of every dollar it earns on production needs—goods and services it needs from external suppliers to keep producing. A supply chain consists of all parties involved, directly or indirectly, in the procurement of a product or raw material. Supply chain management (SCM) involves the management of information flows between and among stages in a supply chain to maximize total supply chain effectiveness and profitability.
In the past, companies focused primarily on manufacturing and quality improvements within their four walls; now their efforts extend beyond those walls to influence the entire supply chain including customers, customers’ customers, suppliers, and
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It will help us processing the same order at the same time every week or month and saving the process of potential human error as well(Magableh, 2007, 52-66). As a result, using this system would enhance customer satisfaction because we have sufficient items to provide consumers and also increase the sales. In order to make my business succeed that I have to create a suitable competitive advantage to face modern business and keep developing new programs and resources to help in changing marketing conditions.

Making Business Decisions I

Business is booming. The Broadway Cafe is operating better than ever and you have achieved your goal of driving operating costs down, which helps to drive revenues up. One of your best new products is a small coffee press from China. Customer can create a drawing on a special piece of paper that is sent to China and created as the outside of the coffee press. Customers are ordering the presses for everything from children’s drawing for mother’s day presents to marriage proposals. You also have many customers participating in the coffee-of-the-month and tea-of-the-month club where they receive two pounds of a unique blend each month from Brazil Beans and China Teas.
Yesterday, a dock workers union strike began and shut down all of the west coast shipping docks from San Francisco to Canada. Work will only begin when the union agrees to new labor

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