Supply Chain Management : Tesco And Safeway

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Supply Chain Management Supply chain management has emerged as an important aspect in the modern business environment in light of the challenges businesses face because of rapidly changing customer expectations, inefficient product development processes, and increased cost of operations and human resources. This concept is increasingly considered as a new means of managing businesses and increasing performance and profitability. However, business enterprises must consider various aspects related to supply chain management during its implementation to gain performance and increase profitability. These elements include supply chain strategies and policies, suitable infrastructures or technologies, and logistics function.
Infrastructures/Technologies for Tesco and Safeway Tesco is currently regarded as one of the largest food retailers across the globe given its huge workforce and customer base. The company provides an assorted range of products and services to customers, which has contributed to its tremendous growth and profitability in the past few years. In contrast, Safeway is one of the leading companies in the grocery industry that has been built on the principle of providing everything to its customers in one store. Despite the increased competitiveness of the grocery industry, Safeway has relatively maintained its dominance in this market or industry. Given the nature of their businesses and need to enhance the effectiveness of their operations, Tesco and
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