Supply Chain Management and Time Series Methods

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Executive summary 1. Introduction 2. Background 3.1 Costco history (departments, countries, organization, structure of Costco) 3.2 Why enter Australia? 3.3 Cash & Carry 3.4 Retail logistics (pallets in store) 3.5 Wholesale & retail 3. Discussion 4.6 Product (Quyen) * Target customers: for women at big events such as: Mother Day n Christmas. * Peak season at Oz – cold weather from May until Xmas. * Another high season on Valentine Day in Feb. 4.7 Diagram (Quyen) GANTT chart 4.8 Forecast (Quyen) 4.9.1 Reason – Supply chain management decisions are based on forecasts that define which product will be required, in what amount, and when they…show more content…
Regardless of the approaches employed, the overall objective of the evaluation process should be to reduce purchase risk and maximize overall value to the purchaser. An organization must select suppliers it can do business with over an extended period. The degree of effort associated with the selection relates to the importance of the required goods or services. Depending on the supplier evaluation approach used, the process can be an intensive effort requiring a major commitment of resources (such as time and travel). This section addresses the many issues and
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