Supply Chain Management as an Inventory Control Method

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Supply Chain Management as an Inventory Control Method: Supply chain management can be described as a means with which companies across the globe are identifying powerful new sources of competitive advantage. This process incorporates all integrated activities that bring products to the market and generate customer satisfaction. Some of the major aspects in supply chain management include purchasing, manufacturing operations, transportation, and distribution in a unified process. Therefore, successful supply chain management processes involves coordinating and integrating all these operations and functions in a flawless process. As part of ensuring effective supply chain management, companies usually incorporate and link various partners in the chain or process. The major partners in the chain include third-party firms, vendors, information system providers, and carriers. Supply chain management is defined as all activities and processes associated with the movement of goods from raw-materials to the end-user product (Zigiaris, 2000). Description of Supply Chain Management: As previously stated, supply chain includes every activity linked to the movement of goods from the raw-materials phase to the end-user stage. The proponents of this business process recognized that vital productivity improves from management of material flow, relationships, and information. Actually, the success and productivity of a business is dependent on the delivery of improved customer and
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