Supply Chain Management at Riordan Manufacturing

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Supply Chain Management at Riordan Manufacturing Introduction: Riordan Manufacturing is a United States industrial manufacturing firm that specialized in the production of electric fans. Using its manufacturing plant in Hangzhou, China as the main site of production for its fan motors, Riordan relies heavily on its production rate and shipping schedule in order to complete assembly, distribution, marketing and sale of its fans in America. This dependency has created a bottleneck as a result of high levels of late delivery. This supply-chain challenge drives the discussion hereafter. Supplier location, size of company, and financial stability: As noted above, the base of operations is in China. However, both shipping and inventory maintenance are controlled by the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) software platform. This IT strategy allows the company China operations to be controlled from a central location in the U.S. and has historically allowed the company to achieve its desired level of growth. According to the case scenario, Riordan employs "special software developed by the manufacturers in the planning and scheduling tasks of the company. It shows the orientation between the various requirements and the progress in the manufacturing sector, so that more accuracy in the delivery dates." (Riordan Manufacturing, 1) However, the current supply chain difficulties are calling the MRP platform into scrutiny. As Riordan has grown, and the demand for its product has

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