Supply Chain Management at Starbucks Coffee

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Supply Chain Management at Starbucks Coffee: Grinding Away at the Logistics Problems Brewing Company Issues and Concerns With a supply and distribution network that is truly global in scope at both ends deriving raw materials (i.e. coffee beans and other basic materials) globally and with a vast international retail empire supply chain management is without question an area of major concern for Starbucks. Clearly the company has been successful in its management thus far, having grown enormously in the few relatively brief decades of its existence, however maintaining the same growth rate or even simply stabilizing at its current level requires constant attention to and control of all aspects of the supply chain. Complete control is of course evasive and ultimately impossible, but it is through attempts at control that the company will continue to meet with profitability and success for its team members and its shareholders. Security, sustainability, quality, and a variety of other concerns present supply chain issues for Starbucks, and the manner in which these elements interact further complicates the supply chain and logistics decisions of the company. By exploring these issues and defining the specific supply chain components and decisions Starbucks is faced with, an understanding of the overall importance and strategy of supply chain management at the company emerges. The following pages identify three specific areas that have been problematic for the company or
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