Supply Chain Management in a Catering Firm

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GHANA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (GIMPA) PROGRAMME: PROJECT MANAGEMENT SUBJECT:SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT REPORT OF A SUPPLY CHAIN AUDIT OF COOLLAND CATERING SERVICE, ACCRA PREPARED BY: PRESENTED TO: DR. KOFI DADZIE 1. INTRODUCTION Supply chain performance has never been as important as it is today. In a global economy where supply chains, and not companies, battle one another, how a supply chain performs determines who will win the battle. To achieve maximum benefit from a supply chain, a supply chain must be performing at its best or anything it has gained will be short-lived. Yet, many companies are not aware of how their supply chains are performing or even what supply chain they are in. The…show more content…
These distributors import from other countries or buy from major commercial farms such as Darko farms, Afraiwa farms etc. 5.1.4 Warehouse Operators The study team also noted that there were commercial warehouses on hire. Some participants in the chain confirmed that they found it cheaper to keep their products in these commercial warehouses than to operate their own. These warehouses are mainly located in the Accra –Tema area. 5.1.5 Super markets and Key distributors Coolland also buy from supermarkets and key distributors of household wares, drinks and beverages. 5.1.6 Event organizers Corporate and personal event organizers are key players in the chain. They include staff in mainly the corporate affairs and human resource departments of large companies, professional events organizers, and individuals organizing personal events (e.g. weddings, outdooring, parties etc). The model below illustrates Cooland’s business operations from initial material purchase to delivery of products and services to the consumers. The business operation encompasses the flow of information, product, service, financial and knowledge. 5.1.7 Consumers Consumers of Coolland includes those who walk-in to its two restaurants as well as employees and partners of corporate bodies who patronize the food of Coolland. 5.2 Inbound logistics Coolland places orders mainly by phone. Fresh food stuffs orders are made and received every three days with order quantity varied depending on pending
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