Supply Chain Management of Fruits and Vegetables

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Supply Chain Management of Fruits and Vegetables - A Case Study
N T Sudarshan Naidu

India is witnessing rapid changes in retailing with urbanization, increase in disposable income, changing lifestyle, preferences and eating habits of its population. India with diverse agro-climatic conditions offers both opportunities and challenges in retailing of fruits and vegetables. Concentration of production with small and medium farmers in remote areas without proper infrastructure facilities and market linkages has led to large scale inefficiencies in supply chain. Namdhari’s Fresh has successfully overcome the challenges by producing fruits and vegetables on their own farms under different agro-climatic conditions apart from contract
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To take advantage of the booming Indian economy, leveraging their competitive advantage of seeds, network with farmers and experience in agriculture they diversified into fruits and vegetables production, retailing and export. The turnover of Namdhari’s Fresh has increased from about Rs.29 crore in 2004-05 to Rs.60 crore in 2006-07.

Namdhari’s Fresh has its own farms producing fruits and vegetables under diverse agro-climatic conditions from North to South India. They also have contract farming arrangement with over 2000 farmers at different places. The production under different agro-climatic conditions and strong network with farmers enable them to produce the fruits and vegetables round the year. They grow more than 50 different varieties of fruits and vegetables in different production centres across the country. Importance is given at all levels to maintain the quality of the produce.

Namdhari’s Fresh offers best quality fruits and vegetables to consumers with production under diversified climates, good infrastructure, technical manpower and application of advanced technology at all levels from production to the point it reaches customers. They supply fruits and vegetables mainly to three segments namely export, Namdhari’s Fresh retail outlets and institutional customers like star hotels and retail chains apart from
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