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Supply Chain Management Task 1 A. Fourth quarter cumulative balanced scorecard: Cumulative industry results for last four quarters ending in quarter: 4| |Minimum|Maximum|Average|Mobile Office Computers| Total Overall|0.00|444.77|7.74|0.50| Financial Performance|-53.84|186.46|7.41|5.62| Market Performance|0.00|0.67|0.09|0.26| Marketing Effectiveness|0.00|0.82|0.17|0.67| Investment in Future|0.00|267.79|0.70|1.14| Wealth|-0.90|4.57|0.35|1.02| Human Resource Management|0.00|0.81|0.17|0.68| Asset Management|0.00|2.13|0.27|0.87| Manufacturing Productivity|0.00|1.00|0.18|0.73| Financial Risk|0.00|1.00|0.23|1.00| Income statements for the four quarters: Income Statement| |Quarter…show more content…
For example, in the first through third quarters, I was paying my employees $45,000 per year, with only expanded health coverage. After the third quarter, I realized my competitors were offering more, and that they would be recruiting the best salespeople if I didn’t change my offering. I checked my budget, and saw that I could pay my employees more and offer better health coverage, which would help me to recruit and retain the best employees with the most potential to increase sales. That in turn lead to better sales the fourth quarter. A pro forma statement is “a financial statement prepared on the basis of some assumed events and transactions that have not yet occurred.”(Rollins, 2011) Pro forma statements are historical statements that provide statements; the most common are the income statement, balance sheet, and the statement of changes in financial position. They give management the opportunity to show the progress a company has made from each financial planning cycle to the next financial planning cycle. They also help to forecast what the company will need in upcoming cycles. In the Marketplace simulation, I used my income statement (an example of a pro forma statement) to analyze my company’s inventory, and how much it was costing when I created too much inventory. For example, in quarter 2, it was costing me $61,969 for inventory holding costs, and in

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