Supply Chain Operations Reference Model

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Supply-Chain Operations Reference Model: Objective and Application IEE 530 – Enterprise Modeling – Dr. Dan Shunk Arizona State University Charlene Biro Dan Fullmer Shawn Noble August 12, 2014 Abstract This literature review focuses on illustrating the Supply Chain Operations Model developed in 1996 by the Supply Chain Committee. Since its creation, the SCOR model has been implemented by a multitude of organizations and increases in popularity. The origin and purpose of the model is discussed and process reference modeling is explained in the review to establish the structure of the model. The structure of the model is developed in more detail with the performance and metrics illustrated. The three levels…show more content…
Additionally, the SCC are primarily practitioners from a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, and retailers. The SCC also relies on technology suppliers and developers, academic institutions, and government organizations in order to advance and maintain the SCOR model. By the time the SCC released a full version of the model, they had approximately 800 corporate members across the globe including Australia, Latin America, China, Japan, parts of Southeast Asia, Europe, and parts of Africa with additional applications to become regional chapters pending. The Supply-Chain Council aims to implement the SCOR model across the globe as much as possible in attempt to have superior customer to supplier relationships and have improved software capable of supporting members by using standardized measurements and terms while maintaining the ability to recognize and implement the most efficient practice. The SCC continuously improves the SCOR model by requesting members using the model to provide explanations to the SCC regarding how they use the model and also encourage members to monitor each other to ensure each member is employing the latest version of SCOR in attempt to maintain uniformity between all members using the SCOR model. (Supply Chain Council, Inc., Metrics) The SCOR model aids in refining strategy while defining the structure, managing multiple processes, and measuring output performance. Additionally, the model necessitates management to
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