Supply Chain

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|Strategic Supply Chain Management |
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1.1 Objective
Supply chain management = Order to Cash.

As my group project is about Burberry supply chain management so I would like to further
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In this paper, each of these components will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

3.0 Planning

First step of supply chain management is planning .The planning component is critical to the success of a good supply chain management system. Therefore, from Burberry year annual report, we can see Burberry do reviews their brand performance of business each year and well plan for next year. Also they will review by each season to make sure everything planned are on tracked. Refer to Burberry 2007 annual report we noticed they mentioned will start supply chain management and also put a lot of money to buy SAP system as their only platform of their system in order to bring Burberry business to globalization. It shows the main objective to any strategy a business industry chooses should be to have materials available at all times in order to ensure the smooth flow of care for their business while keeping costs under control.

At the beginning of season, Burberry sourcing team and product development, quality control, designer , merchandising planning and buyers will have big meeting to review what the trend is , product and material will be launched for next season in order to plan the strategy. Buyer also will give souring team an approximately order quantity for souring team to give factory in order to prepare raw material, trims… etc , to shorten lead-time and to have materials available at all times in order to ensure the smooth flow of care

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