Supply Chain Sector : Tb & T 's Mission Of Providing Safe And Efficient Facilities

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Over recent years, globalization placed intense new demands on the transportation and supply chain sector. Given the fluctuations in a number of related Federal policies, it is recognized that transportation communities nationwide are entering an “unprecedented era of change.” As indicated by the preceding Market Analysis (section 4.0), moving forward, TB&T is expected to continue to operate in this highly uncertain business and transportation environment. Therefore, TB&T must position itself to approach new opportunities, risks, and challenges with an ability to change how the department does business and abandons non-core. 6.1.1 A Time of Scarcity Paramount to TB&T’s mission of providing safe and efficient facilities, is…show more content…
Given the magnitude of ongoing investments including the raising of the Bayonne Bridge roadway and the replacement of the Goethals Bridge, TB&T has had to enter into innovative arrangements for construction, project finance, interagency coordination, and community relations. 6.1.3 Fuel Tax Challenge Complicating TB&T’s asset invest needs is the fact that the once dependable fuel tax is no longer producing revenues at the rate required to maintain transportation infrastructure. According to the Wall Street Journal, improved fuel economy and the rise of hybrid and electric vehicles means that additional driving won 't be matched by higher gasoline sales. Furthermore, how much people pay for the roads won 't necessarily correspond to how much they use them. Traditionally, the United States has met increased demand by building new facilities that expand capacity but this is no longer feasible for a variety of reasons. The time to move through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process is often extensive, land acquisition may no longer be possible, and now fuel tax revenues may be insufficient to pay for new investments in infrastructure. As a result, transportation agencies and policymakers must explore new approaches to maintaining existing infrastructure and funding

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