Supply Chain Six Sigma in Rmg Sector

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Supply chain Management six sigma at RMG Prepared by Mohammad Mesbah Uddin, ID-2013-3-5-019, MBA@BUTEX 1 Mohammad Mesbah Uddin, 27-12-2014 ID-2013-3-5-019, MBA@BUTEX TABLE OF CONTENTS S.I PAGE 0 ABSTRACT 3 1 INTRODUCTION 4 2 SIX SIGMA APPROACH TO DESIGN 5 3 ANANLYSIS OF SUPPLY CHAIN DELIVERY PERFRMANCE 6-7 4 DESIGN OF SIX SIGMA SUPPLY CHAIN 8 5 OUTLINE OF THE PACKAGE 9-10 6 SMMARY AND FUTURE WORK 11 7 2 NAME OF ARTICLE REFERENCES 12 Mohammad Mesbah Uddin, ID-2013-3-5-019, MBA@BUTEX ABSTRACT The ready-made garment (RMG) industry has recently occupied the largest part of exports and foreign currency in Bangladesh and has been for more than a decade the second largest contributor to gross domestic product…show more content…
This metric is most important in supply chain management as it integrates the measurement of performance right from supplier end to the customer end. Present research is focused on a case study conducted in a leading Apparel manufacturing firm in Bangladesh and analysis of elemental performances in overall delivery performance of an entire supply chain in an integrated approach. 3 Mohammad Mesbah Uddin, ID-2013-3-5-019, MBA@BUTEX INTRODUCTION Supply chains provide the backbone for manufacturing,service, and E-business companies. The supply-chain process is a complex, composite business process comprising a hierarchy of different levels of value-delivering business processes. Achieving superior delivery performance is the primary objective of any industry supply chain. Quick and timely deliveries entail high levels of synchronization among all business processes from sourcing to delivery. This in turn calls for variability reduction all along the supply chain. Variability reduction and businessprocess synchronization are therefore acknowledged as key to achieving superior levels of delivery performance in supply-chain networks. Delivery performance can be defined as the level up to which products and services supplied by an organization meet the customer expectation. It provides an indication of the potentiality of the supply chain in providing products and services to the customer. This metric is most important in supply

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