Supply Chain Sustainability ( Scs )

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SYNOPSIS This report focuses on the importance of supply chain sustainability (SCS) and the what are the benefits the sustainable supply chain can bring to the relevant stakeholders. The final section of the report illustrates how to developing and implementing a sustainable supply chain strategy in business environment. The examples of Starbucks and IKEA as the sustainable supply chain organizations are used to support the sustainable view in this report. There also are some other examples used in this report. 1. INTRODUCTION As the fast development of the global economy, sustainability has been recognized as one of the main challenges that many companies have to overcome in the 21st century. In…show more content…
Many companies now working with NGOs and other non-profit organizations aim to obtain an environment sustainability supply chain. Coca-Cola has working on many water projects with local governments, and partners including WWF, the United States Agency for International Development, The Nature Conservancy and CARE (King, 2012). This helps to maintain the efficiency of resource usage. From social point of view, most of the successful sustainable companies all have their unique business values. For example, IKEA’s underlying value is “to create a better everyday life for many people”. And Starbucks’ value is to selling high grade coffee at premium price and its high level of customer service. This unique culture can be differentiating from other competitors in the same industry. So that the company has competitive advantages to earn market share in the business environment. Starbucks built continues relationship with its suppliers to ensure they can provide high grade coffee to achieve a sustainable supply chain. IKEA made some improvement after it involved in the child labor issue. For example, it created a role within the company titled “IKEA’s Children’s Ombudsman” to ensuring its value, which is to create a better life for everyone. IKEA also had relationship with UNICEF and WHO to help children and the families financially. Finally, for the economic sustainability, it probably is
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