Supply Chain Task 1

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A The following documents are attached: • Final cumulative balanced scorecard ending with Quarter 4. • Income Statement from the Quarter 5 performance report, showing quarters 1 through 4 results. • Balance sheet from the Quarter 5 performance report, showing quarter 1 through 4 results. B1 A budget is an itemized summary of what a business’s income and expenses will be for a given period of time, while allowing the business during this period to determine if they are able purchases items based on their budget. It’s an important tool that is used by management to help prioritize their spending and manage their money and allow them to identify any wasteful expenditure, respond quickly to any financial changes and to achieve their…show more content…
This way WCC Technologies would get the material when they needed it without delay and without having to store unused materials or materials that could eventually be obsolete. • Create a checklist that includes the 5Ss, plus the additional two that US managers tend to add, will keep the WCC Technologies facility in a neat and efficient workplace there by reducing waste: o Sort/segregate the work area to keep what is needed and to remove any items that are not valuable in the production process, which in turn creates space and improves work flow. o Simplify/straighten the work space to help improve work flow and reduce any unnecessary motions. o Shine/sweep keeps the facility clean and avoids clutter. o Standardize the production process to eliminate any variations that could create wasted time and materials. o Sustain/self- discipline by recognizing efforts and to motivate employees to constantly improve processes. o Safety. WCC Technologies would need to implement safety policy and procedures to eliminate cost from injury and workers compensation claims that would also waste production time. o Support/maintenance plans need to be put into place to reduce any problems with equipment and any unplanned production
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