Supply Chain of Blood and Products in a Blood Bank

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To study the existing supply chain of blood and blood products in a regional blood bank
2. To identify cost and risk related problems in the supply chain of blood and blood products and to develop a solution for cost and risk minimization.

Human blood is not an ordinary commodity because it cannot be substituted and its need will always exist. Blood and blood products are also perishable, which complicates things even further. Shortages lead to high costs for society and outdates on the other hand are not commonly accepted either, since blood donors are a scarce asset of society and donors must respect a certain time period between two donations, depending on the type of donation.
Blood Bank services are a key component of the healthcare system all over the world and a well organised Blood Transfusion Service is a vital component of any health care delivery system and yet the study and the analysis of such systems from a supply chain perspective have been a few especially in India. The National Blood Policy of India aims to ensure easily accessible and adequate supply of safe and quality blood and blood components, which is free from transfusion transmitted infections, and is stored and transported under optimum conditions.
This case study examines the supply chain of a specific type of perishable product i.e. Human Blood and Blood Product in a Regional Blood Bank, from the point of collection as a whole blood to the point…
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