Supply Chain of Food Industry

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The Food Industry
MGT 440
Research paper about the supply chain management in the food industry


1 – “The cold chain and its logistics” DR. Jean Paul Rodrigue 2- “Inventory control”, Columbus IT 3- “How to Manage food inventory” 4- “The inventory methods for the food industry” 5- “Tesco, British grocer, uses weather to predict sales”, Julia Werdigier, September 2009
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The food market specifics as well as its challenges are outlined in this research paper. Moreover, the food industry must face several issues related to health concerns. These issues then determine the supply chain process in the food industry. In order to face the health issues and to manage food safety as well as quality, forecasting is a key concept that is to be defined in the context of the food industry. It is outlined in the research paper how the companies forecast the demand of products in the food industry and what kind of obstacles can be met. Then, the research paper deals with stock inventory which are expensive and which must meet specific conditions in order to store the products and particularly the fresh products at the perfect temperature and avoid them to get spoiled. Moreover, traceability is important in the supply chain management process in food industry in order to provide the customers all the information they wish about the products or to be able to find the origin of an eventual health issue. The research paper helps to understand what traceability deals with, how it is possible to track food from farm to fork and why it is so important to include a well integrated traceability system in the food supply chain management. Eventually, as some foods as meat or vegetables must be kept in adequate temperatures, the concept of cold chain as well as the way to manage a cold chain is outlined in the research
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