Supply Of Good Quality Electrical Power

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The customer must be satisfied that a solution to his problem is found getting a secure, safe and continuous supply of good quality electrical power. The main concerns related to the supplied power were: that voltage levels were too low and variations too high (i.e. not within ±5% tolerance), regular power failures, and phase reversal issues on certain days. To address these concerns the initial plan was to determine if the claims made by the customer were true and then find ways in which to first address it without the least inconvenience to the customer. I sat down with the Head of Network and Plant Performance and worked out that I needed to arrange for: Voltage levels to be measured and adjusted it if possible (by adjusting tap positions on transformers, switching in of Capacitor banks or voltage regulators), remove unnecessary loading on supply feeders to the Taung Substation and reconfigure the network where possible to provide alternative paths for load to flow, measure the three phase load balance and reconfigure connected loads to provide an even spread of loads across the three phases. If these actions couldn’t resolve the problems then proceed with recruiting a team of subject matter experts to conduct more detailed investigation to ascertain the physical condition of the Taung Village 11kV feeder, then verify and record what hardware was used in the construction of the feeder and also the standard to which the structures were build and the hardware used.
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