Supply and Demand Paper

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Assignment: Supply and Demand Paper
Due Sunday Day 7 – XECO/212
Instructor- Robert Peart
Student- Emily Hopple

I have had the personal experience of purchasing my college education. Picking a college was very challenging and I had huge amounts of pros and cons to weigh throughout my decision process. I knew that going to college and receiving a college education would be a wise investment and would better benefit me in the future financially. The supply and demand for a college education has changed over the years, thirty years ago a person might not have gone to college or paid for a college education and degree but that person still had a good chance of finding a steady job and becoming successful. An example of this would be my
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The financial status that a person carries can often determine the supply and demand of receiving a college education due to the fact that if a person obtains a college education they would be able to make and earn more money. Making more money is a plus but another factor to think about is school loans which will put a person in debt until the loans are paid off, so it is important for people to weigh their pros and cons when it comes to going to college. Now with the growing technology and job demands receiving a college education has increased in demand. People want to be successful in their careers and want a bigger income so a college education is the wisest way to become successful. The supply for college is always elevated and increases each year because more and more people realize that receiving a college education is valuable and beneficial. Two substitutes for a college education would be self-educating which is where a person can get books, do research, and learn along with teaching themselves on a particular topic, business field, certain materials and information. Self-educating is what some people might prefer if they do not have the drive or determination, along with finances to be able to go to college and earn a college degree. Another substitute would be if a person would ask their job to sponsor or pay for classes, training, or even college courses to be able to have the opportunity to move up in the business and become more successful.
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