Support Children and Young People with Disabilities and Special Educational Needs.

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NVQ Support Teaching and Learning In Schools Level 2 Trainee : Chris Gerry Trenance Learning Academy Newquay Unit TDA 2.15 – Support children and young people with disabilities and special educational needs. 1.1 – Outline the legal requirements of disabled children and young people and those with special educational needs. Most schools and academies now have written policies and parts of their mission statements specifically made for the inclusion and equality of SEN children. They must be in written form and should also be posted on the website for access to all who require it. There should also be policies which show the rights and responsibilities of those within the environment. The policies may be a number of…show more content…
Knowledge and understanding of the way the world works: Using materials around us to make things from our environment. Using ICT tools to gain information about life. Learning about their role in the world and what they could achieve. Personal, social and emotional development: How they feel about themselves and helping them to develop a sense of self and how to respect others. Other social skills include getting dressed and undressed, washing themselves. Also wanting to learn and getting excited when learning. Physical Development: Helping with coordination of body parts and how you can use hands and feet to move things. How to control your movements in an effective manner. The importance of a good, healthy diet and how it can affect performance. Problem Solving, Numeracy and Reasoning: Helping to expand their knowledge of problem solving using stories, games, role play, singing and games. Making the child feel easy talking about and understanding the language of reasoning and problem solving. Communication, literacy and language: You need to assist the children in confidence building with positive praise. Also making sure they can communicate in a proper manner via
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