Support Children and Young People’s Health and Safety. Essay

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Support children and young people’s health and safety. Outcome 1 Know the legislative and policy framework for health and safety 1.1- Describe how current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented in the setting. A schools Health and safety policy should conform to the requirements contained in the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. Specifically the policy should contain :- a) a General Statement of commitment to H&S, signed by Head/Chair of Governors or indicating that it has been endorsed by the committee of the Governing Body which has responsibility for H&S; b) details of individual responsibilities for H&S, under a heading of Organisation, together with a diagrammatic…show more content…
The idea behind a risk assessment is to attempt to identify all the potential risks associated with a particular activity. The risk assessment will normally be carried out by the nominated Health and Safety Officer. 2.2- Demonstrate how to deal with hazards to minimise risks to the health, safety and security of children and young people. Once a risk assessment has been carried out, and the hazards have been identified, then a method statement can be developed which takes account of the identified hazards. The method statement should be read and understood by all members of staff and volunteers who are directly involved with supervising the children with that activity. 2.3 –Demonstrate ways of supporting children and young people to take responsibility for their own health, safety and security. The extent to which children can be allowed to take responsibility for themselves will vary according to the age and abilities of each child, but by allowing an adult to monitor this process, it will facilitate in some cases children being able to play a part in their own Health and Safety. An example of children playing an active role, is where for instance one child notices another child about to embark upon a dangerous endeavour such as climbing up a fence, or running on icy ground. The child who notices this situation can then report back to an adult of the impending danger, and that adult can then take appropriate steps to remove the danger. In this
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