Support Children and Young People’s Positive Behaviour Essay

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Learning outcome 1.1

Communicate with children and young people in a way that is appropriate to the individual, using both conventional language and body language

When communicating with children, a number of skills need to be demonstrated to communicate effectively. Children learn to communicate through the responses of others, if they feel they have not had there contributions valued they are less likely to initiate communication themselves appropriate responses reinforce the child’s self-esteem, values this is important in building relationships initiating conversations and finding out the answers to questions builds on the language skills that are integral to child’s learning. In the setting working with children with
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Please see TDA 2.6 Help improve on own and team practice: Learning outcome 4.4.

Learning outcome 2.2

Give attention to individual children and young people in a way that is fair to them and the group as a whole

Attention need to be is given to individuals that is fair to them, although this can be difficult at times especially when working with groups because children have different varying needs, some children need more support than others, so getting the balance right is essential to give children or young people the opportunity to participate. This can best be achieved by encouraging children and young people to put forward their own ideas, understanding that some pupils may find something’s difficult and need more assurance from you, understanding the needs of all pupils for example a child who has special education needs, will require different levels of support, sitting close to pupils whilst they are working will provide reassurance. Please see TDA 2.6: Help improve on own team practice in schools; Learning outcome 1.1

Learning outcome 2.3

Demonstrate supportive and realistic responses to children and young people’s questions, ideas, suggestions and concerns

Effectively supporting children with realistic responses to their questions, ideas, suggestions and concerns is essential to developing their communication skills; you should put aside your own feelings
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